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Specializing in Orthodontics ONLY, our expertise spanning over 60 years can provide you with the most up-to-date appliances and techniques used in today's Orthodontic dentistry, from the common to the most personalized, individual orthodontic appliance.

Our laboratory manufactures all types of Orthodontic and Orthopaedic appliances, TMJ splints, Bleaching trays, Sportguards and Anti-snoring appliances and can provide you with Indirect Bracket Bonding, and Cephalometric tracings are also services that we can provide you with. We now offer 3D / digital models for lab procedures. We accept digital intra-oral scans and are able to produce 3D / resin models.

​Your Orthodontic appliance needs are given expert, dependable, competitive, and prompt service, from anywhere
in Canada.

We offer door-to door pickup within the Durham Region, and provide pre-paid overnight shipping through
ICS Couriers for other areas to insure your safe, speedy appliance delivery. Additionally, we offer a 90-day warranty in the event of defective-mechanical failure of our appliances, as well as an optional full-replacement coverage insurance policy.

Our hours of operation are 8:00 to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am to 1:00pm Friday. We respectfully request a due date on each prescription and suggest this date by one day prior to the actual appointment date. We will contact you if we are ever unable to meet your requested due date.

We look forward to providing you with the best Orthodontic appliances for your practice and your patients.



Products Offered:

  • Banded Space Regainers

  • Distal Jet

  • FLEA

  • Habit Breakers (Cage, rake, Bluegrass)

  • Hilgier's Pendulum

  • Hyrax/Haas (bonded acrylic or banded)

  • Lingual Arch

  • Nance Button

  • Niti Rotators & Expanders

  • Porter Arch

  • Quad Helix

  • Space Maintainer

  • TPA

  • Transforce Appliances

  • Williamson Ramp

Please note: Fixed-Removable verticle or horizontal options also available



Products Offered:

  • Bio-Finisher

  • Bio-Frankel

  • Bionator

  • Bonded Herbst

  • Cantilever Herbst

  • Frankle

  • RMR (Removable Mandibular Retractor)

  • Twin Block




Products Offered:

  • Anterior Spring Retainer

  • Bonded Lingual Wires (rectangular/braided/round stainless steel/floss contoured)

  • Dual Laminate Retainer

  • Essix Invisible Retainer

  • Hawley Soldered/Unsoldered

  • Twin-Arch Auto-Hawley

  • Wrap-Around



Products Offered:

  • Acrylic Space Regainers

  • Cetlin

  • Crossbite Appliance

  • Sagittal

  • Split Plate

  • Schwartz

  • Stage 2/Incline Holding Ramps (Williamson)

  • Three-Way Expander


Products Offered:

  • Dual Laminate Splint

  • Gelb Splint

  • Hard Acrylic with ball clasp

  • NTI

  • Thermoflex

  • Vacuum Formed Soft

Splints Bruxing


  • Bleaching/Whitening Trays

  • Cephalometric Tracing

  • Coloured Acrylics

  • Indirect Bracketing

  • Model Duplicating & Pouring

  • Ortho Study Models finished & soaped

  • Positioner/Elastodontic

  • Snoreguard Appliances

  • Sportsguards

Custom Designs available for additional fees

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